zondag 24 februari 2013


 My third message so far, the subject is: LIGHTS!
I know I'm a bit late, but the first picture are the lights of our christmas tree (already gone for 2 months now  :( ). The second one is an accidental picture, but I like it anyway, but don't really know why :) Underneath, you see a picture of my boyfriend, he's surrounded by lights.
We went for a walk, it was really cold but we enjoyed it!

I got the discolights several years ago from my mom, I found it in my closet about a week ago. Before I go to sleep, I put it on, it's a way to calm me down after a busy day.

The picture on the left is taken on the property of my parents. It was cold outside and the raindrops were freezing on everywhere!
Sun is shining, weather is sweet - Bob Marley

Me and my friend went to see a comedian, Henk Rijckaert is his name and this was where he performed, you can see, as you already expected, lights on the photo!

You can find these lights in our living room, it's quit cosy when they're on.

Last but not least, a picture of a candle who's about to fade away.
To end, I have a song for you guys, on which I based my subject:
Lights from Ellie Goulding
See you next time !

zaterdag 9 februari 2013


Nature can bring us amazing things!

The first one is, again, my cat Mathil. She's panting, and because of this picture, my mom noticed that she has only one big tooth left.The picture one the right is a pigeon who wants to fly away, and I was right on time to take a shot of it.
A random picture on my way to the dentist
A random picture on my way to the dentist.
Again: a picture that is connected to the alternative festival called 'kokopelli', like I told you before. My friends who are also in the promotion team, went to a meeting with their bike. But it was snowing, the picture is not that good, but I like it.

I'm so happy I could take this picture! This bird was sitting in our garden to eat, it stood still for a while & I was right on time to take picture of it. I like it how he/she holds its toe, it's kinda cute :)
A gift from a very good friend: a cactus

A beautiful orchin in our house.

I'm satisfied I made it, to write a new message to all of you. It has been two weeks since I've written my first one. I did it :D Cheers!

See you !