zaterdag 26 januari 2013

Things that fascinate me

I'm a new blogger, and about a month ago, I bought a camera. 
It's a Nikon Coolpix P510. To be honest, I don't follow classes or anything, I just try a lot of things & see if they work out. I'm pretty proud of the pictures I already have.

The first picture is my cat, the first good picture I took with my camera. Her name is Mathil & she's awesome! 

The picture above is the decoration of our christmas tree.

The following: my boyfriend who's playing his guitar, and next to that it's also my boyfriend, trying to make something with light, it turned out to be a heart. This picture was taken the last evening we spent together before he left for the second time to Italy, he's on Erasmus over there.           
The picture with the girls is on a weekend in Ostend, we spent 3 days there & it was really awesome!

The little girl is the niece of my boyfriend, her name is Silke. She's cute :D

I'm working on a festival, to promote it etc. The name of the festival is Kokopelli, it's with alternative music, I love it. When I came home of the promotion evening, I was so happy that my mom took care of the fire place because it was snowing outside & my hands were frozen.

The last picture looks a bit weird, but it's the 'cover' of a new closet we've bought, it's really colourful and my mom wanted to buy it immediately, that was a good idea, because the closet looks extraordinary in our house.

My purpose in 2013 is to post some pictures once in two weeks. See if I can make it!

See you soon :)