maandag 29 februari 2016

play me some music

hi there! i started watching the Dutch movie 'The Broken Circle Breakdown' again. it's a very emotional but yet truely beautiful movie that has wonderful (English!) music in it. i'm thinking of buying the album for my mom as a surprise :)
xoxo N.

zaterdag 27 februari 2016

Rotterdam - 2nd & final day

delicious breakfast @ the hotel!
our hotel
N from NausikaƤ!

bookstore Bosch&de Jong @ Fenix Food Factory - Veerlaan in Rotterdam
bought The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho & Alles voor Elkaar by Willem Verdonschot

lovely store with some awesome posters!

lunch @ Picknick where they had delicious tea and cookies for only €1

famous architecture by Piet Blom
spotted this cat in one of the houses - crazy to imagine that people really live in those buildings AND have a cat in there!

that's all folks. i hope to get back there very soon! i really love the city and there are still lots of spots to visit! 
i also bought a bar Tony's Chocolonely - a brand that wants to make the chocolate industry free from slavery and they sell chocolate in Belgium and The Netherlands as well, but you can only find the special editions e.g. coffee crunch in The Netherlands - so that's already one reason to go back ;)

enjoy your weekend! xoxo

vrijdag 19 februari 2016


Third week of my internship is finished, and time really flies when you're having fun. i'll be chilling tonight because i'm pretty tired and will be working tomorrow. Sunday is still free but i guess that my work for school also has to be done.. 

Santigold - Shove it

for now: enjoy your weekend, because YAY it's FRIDAY :D

xoxo N.

maandag 15 februari 2016

Rotterdam - day one

February 6 & 7, we went to Rotterdam for a weekend. we got there by car since it's only a two hour drive from where we live in Belgium and the train tickets for that period were kinda high. we stayed at the Inntel Hotel Rotterdam Centre, which was very nice - wellness in the evening and breakfast included. i already stayed there in September 2014. the location is great, the staff is very friendly and the breakfast is amazing, really! enjoy these pictures from this beautiful, and sometimes underestimated city.

rainbowstreet: The Netherlands love gay peope which is awesome!

a painted mask from Star Wars

the spot where we had lunch

quiche with biological lemonade - delicious!

@ Kunsthal Rotterdam, where we visited the exhibition of Keith Haring, it was the final day of the exhibition

a design store in the Pannekoekstraat

delicious and vegetarian pizza @ Va Piano!
@ Markthal, where we could buy almost anything! from species to cookies, local specialties and so on. 
pictures of day two are coming soon!

- N.