vrijdag 27 mei 2016

take a nap

hey it's okay to have a lazy day and take a nap - or two.

off to work!!

xoxo N.

zaterdag 21 mei 2016


Hi! This week has been kinda busy. We had to go to a bachelor party from a friend who will become a priest in June, it was in Ghent and we had lots of fun with the assignments we had to do. Can you guess the theme of the day?
Tuesday i finally saw my friends from school who i didn't see for over three months, we had a drink in the city and i was really happy to see them again. The five of us back together :D I also went to a lecture in the evening from one of my favourite authors. It was interesting but not really that special and i'm not that kind of girl who will ask five questions and get in line to get an autograph. NO, but it was lovely though!
I worked out on Wednesday, rode my bike to my boyfriend on Thursday (which felt like an age ago) and yesterday - Friday - was for a meeting with my mentor from my thesis, she really helped me so I have to finish that by tomorrow. I also had lunch with one of my best friends which was really nice! Today is for working out and working on my thesis and tomorrow i'll probably be visiting one of my favourite festivals KOKOPELLI!

Have a lovely weekend!

- N.

zaterdag 14 mei 2016

f o o d

my mom had a day off last week & she made us this delicious dish filled with tomatoes, yellow paprika, zucchini and eggplant. With some spices on top of it, it really tasted so good!! 
Maybe a try this at home dish?

Enjoy + have the best weekend!

- N.

woensdag 11 mei 2016

f l o w e r s

last week, my grandmother came over for dinner and also to have some quality time since i didn't see her for a while. she brought these roses with her. loved having them in our house, i think flowers bring so much joy, even on rainy days!

- N.

zaterdag 7 mei 2016

whole earth - organic sparkling elderflower

bought this lemonade - which is completely organic - in a biological store. it tasted soooo good! too bad that they're a bit expensive, but i guess i'll buy some more anyways as a sort of 'treat yourself' gift :) 

treat yourself today and enjoy the sun!


dinsdag 3 mei 2016

we went for a walk - with Alice!

two weeks ago, we spontaneously went for a walk on a beautiful Sunday afternoon! we first chilled in my friend's backyard and then we took the dog to a park where dogs are allowed. there even was a different entrance for small & big dogs. Alice is a labrador so a big one. she's really sweet and it was so much fun walking around and playing with her! love this animal & off course also my friends, who invited me to go for a walk :)

have a lovely day!

xoxo Noesjn