zaterdag 27 augustus 2016


loving this song from Mumford & Sons called Wona, it's simply amazing :) 

i went to the seaside yesterday with some of my friends and we had so much fun! i have been working two days this week and will be working today - not so excited because of the beautiful weather outside.
also making preparations to leave for Paris soon! that's exciting :)

have a lovely weekend!
- N.

zaterdag 20 augustus 2016

flashback - days at Korando

Exactly one month ago was my first day i spent at home since i came home from Kisumu. How i miss those days at Korando where we had lots of fun with the kids and did a lot of activities with them! We entertained them most of the time, fixed and made some things and gave lessons of Physical Education and Creative Arts. Can i go back now, please?

we brought basketballs and ropes, but also frisbees and markers 
 climbing the rocks with some of the kids

 creative arts
 delicious lunch with chapati - yummy
 posing with mama and the beautiful aprons

 labeling so the kids won't throw any plastic in the toilet

view from the roof, where we spent a lot of time reading, talking and chilling <3 
 welcome ceremony

 welcome ceremony - we bought books for the kids with the money we raised
 reading and writing on the roof
 eating ugali in the kitchen every Thursday with mama and the kids
 organising a bonfire and also two movie nights

 playing Jungle Speed
 playing 'in between two fires'
 making bracelets

 creative arts

fixing a second basket ball goal 
 getting a soda after 'work'
looking back on this trip i can really say that it has been an adventure of a lifetime and i already miss it a lot. time of my life!!

enjoy your weekend! xoxo Noesjn

woensdag 17 augustus 2016

Let's go on a safari - Masai Mara NP

We booked a budget safari to the Masai Mara National Park, the organisation picked us up in Kisumu which was really convenient! We made a stop in Kericho to spot the tea plantations which was very beautiful! After that, we headed to the National Park after a very long and bumpy ride and had lunch at 3 pm, i was tired from the trip and very hungry so the food was very welcome! We went on a evening safari from 4 to 6 pm and afterwards had some rest. 

Day two was a safari trip from 8 am to 4 pm with a beautiful scenery and lunch in the middle of the savannah, awesome! The engine of the car broke down so we had to share the safari van with 12 people in total, it was crowded but fun! We were so lucky that we spotted the big crossing of the wildebeest! 

Day three and our last day consisted of a sunrise safari which started with a flat tyre, haha. By 7 pm we were back in Kisumu. We had a lovely safari with a lot of ups and downs but saw so many animals! It was really worth the visit and the cold during the night ;) enjoy the pictures!

We didn't visit the Masai tribe because of the staged authenticity - you see them cruising around on their motorcycle wearing jeans and checking their phones, so i didn't want to pay 20 USD to see them perform some kind of show.

xo N.