zaterdag 31 mei 2014


steamed some paprika, mushrooms, cucumber and tomatoes - on top of it an egg with some salt & pepper - tired of a salad every single noon so i made something else - easy


vrijdag 30 mei 2014


driving my friend to the train station after our exam!

xoxo Noesjn

dinsdag 27 mei 2014

drivers licence

I am soooo happy, because i got my drivers licence on the 23rd of April!
Now i can go anywhere i want to go without asking my parents to drive me :)

enjoy your day!
xoxo Noesjn

zaterdag 24 mei 2014

dinsdag 20 mei 2014


got three new cacti from my mom, she bought them as a present because i had good results @ school :)

enjoy the rest of your day!
- N.

zaterdag 17 mei 2014

fieldtrip Liege

we went from 7 - 9 may to Liege with school, a so-called 'fieldtrip'.
here are some pictures i took while being in an odd museum, it is a nice city but i wouldn't recommand it for someone who visits Belgium for the first time.

enjoy your day!
love, Noesjn

maandag 12 mei 2014

welcome to the 60's

we visited a sixties museum while being on our way to Liege. it was lots of fun & quite authentic



taking a selfie with my boyfriend ;)
have a nice day
- Noesjn

zondag 11 mei 2014

los amigos

just me & my friends on an awesome birthday party!
les quiero mucho
have a nice mother's day :)


dinsdag 6 mei 2014


Happy because i bought a lovely tshirt with some cacti on it :)