maandag 22 april 2013

Good news

A picture, I already posted it in January I guess, was on the cover of a local magazine in our school. I won several cinema tickets with it & I must admit that I'm really proud :D


zaterdag 20 april 2013


Hello all you bloggers out there! I'm sorry but I'm about two weeks too late with my new message, I was kinda busy lately and I didn't have the courage to write a blog when I came home from an exhausting but awesome trip to Barcelona & Catalonia. This message will show you a lot of pictures with a little bit of explanation. The title was the 'slogan' of our trip, we all got a sweater with our nicknames on the back and on the front, there was: WE'RE INSpAiNE Spes Nostra 2013.

 My clothes were awful, but it was a day we had do dress ourselves in the theme: New Kids, a funny movie from Holland.



 Museum of Dali, I really enjoyed it even though I hate museumvisits but this one was extraordinary :)

The gardens of Gaudi, it was beautiful but the weather wasn't really nice, that was a pity, really.

 Me with my sweater :)

The walls of a nice and cosy restaurant in Barcelona, the waiters were really slow and the food wasn't that good but it was a nice place to sit.
I took this picture before we went on a boring boat trip, but I'm satisfied with the picture :)
 Random graffiti in Barcelona, I liked it!

Our last evening: party in Discoteka QK in Santa Susanna, where our hotel was. Me and my awesome friends!

 We also visited Camp Nou, the football stade in Barça. Quite impressing I must say.


A song that reminds me of our awesome times in Spain:
See you ! :)