donderdag 28 april 2016

breakfast and goodbyes

i love taking time for a good breakfast - this is what it looks like :)

tomorrow will probably the last morning in a while where i'll have such a big breakfast, it's the last day of my internship and i don't look forward to it at all. the colleagues have been so kind to me, i really feel like a part of the team already! i'll buy them lunch tomorrow & bring lots of fresh vegetables, dressings and toppings as a goodbye gift. i also got them lots of chocolate and tea, don't worry ;) 

have a lovely evening!!

xoxo N.

zaterdag 23 april 2016

banana pancakes? no, banana cookies!

i guess this is my first recipe appearing on this blog! 
these are the easiest and very delicious banana cookies! 

step one: mash up three or four bananas in pot
step two: mix it with 180 g oatmeal and 80 g coconut flakes or coconut sugar. 
i also added some speculaas spices with really does the trick. 
step three: you mix the three ingredients with a spoon and make little cookies out of it.
step four: you put the cookies on a plate and when you're ready, you just put them in the oven for 15 minutes on 200°C. 


let me know if you made them! 

i'll be working this afternoon but first some chill time. tomorrow there's time for a work out, working for school and having dinner with my boyfriend. a calm but lovely weekend!


- N.

dinsdag 19 april 2016


hi guys! i'm going to Ghent by train daily and right now, they're decorating the train station with lovely flowers due to an event that's coming soon. i took these pictures with my tablet, i know they're not fabulous but i just wanted to share them! if there's an evolution of their work this week, i'll try to take a picture as well & keep you all up to date!


have a lovely evening and remember to buy yourself some flowers once in a while ;)

- N. 

vrijdag 15 april 2016

s u n - f u n

last Sunday was wonderful, the weather was so nice! i had to work on Saturday so i couldn't feel the sun on my skin but Sunday was really fun. i even postponed all my work for school because i wanted to enjoy the sun. if you're only free two days a week, then you should get the best out of it ;)

 food at four o'clock!

 a visitor..

they get along quite good!

HAVE A LOVELY WEEKEND & enjoy your evening!

- N.

woensdag 13 april 2016

sofa chilling

casual evenings at home - chilling with my cat in the sofa, which is lovely! he really is the sweetest, but i guess that's what all cat lovers say of their own animal ;)

xoxo N.

vrijdag 8 april 2016

i wanted to share this collage of our crazy cat :)

i'll be working tomorrow and on Sunday i'll be working out and having lunch with my boyfriend & his family. it will be busy but time flies when you're having fun ;)

have a wonderful weekend!
xoxo N.

zaterdag 2 april 2016

w e e k e n d

It's already Saturday and time really went fast this week! On Wednesday i had drinks with a friend, which we'll redo next week since we ran into some old schoolmates and i didn't really get the chance to talk to her 'in private'. I worked out twice this week - as usual - and was also busy for my internship! Last night, my boyfriend and i had some drinks with other friends and we had lots of fun! Today is a beautiful and sunny day here in Belgium but i won't get the chance to enjoy the sunshine since i have to work, and that means leaving the house at noon. It's fun that it won't be dark when i drive home tonight, so that's a good thing. 
Tomorrow means lunch at my boyfriend's place and working for my thesis in the afternoon. The weekend will be gone before i know it! 
But hey, have a good one! 

By the way, this is an old picture from me in Gran Canaria in our hotel, i still love it :)