maandag 24 juni 2013

End of finals, start of summer !!

Hi there! I'm back after two weeks of studying really hard and training my brain, it was tough I must admit ! Now wait for the results, I will get them tomorrow!
During my break every day, I tried to get some nice shots. It didn't work every day but I've got some good results. Here you can see them:

A sunflower my boyfriend bought me to remind me that every day is a beautiful one, even in the exam period. 102.10 is the frequency of Studio Brussel, my favorite radio post.

Our cat, taking a nap :)

Insects in my grandmother's garden, she was happy that I could take these pictures in her garden :)

 My mom


 Put your lighters up! Also some frogs in the pond near my house. It was difficult to see them because they're really good at hiding!
 A picture my mom took with my camera, I'm pretty amazed she could manage to do that :) + another picture of my cat, you must think that I'm obsessed witht her, but I just think she's fascinating.
 The sky was all grey, a thunderstorm was about to start!
And to end, I have some random pics. Hope you liked them :)

+ a song that helped me to keep me motivated: Sunshine from Matisyahu
Catch up with you later :)

maandag 10 juni 2013


I took an amazing picture & I'm really really happy with it ! + made a collage from it!

Now I have to study French, see ya !

zaterdag 8 juni 2013


Hello there! Finals are coming up so writing will be a break during the studying.
My subject for this blog is ART, not art from famous painters or anything but what I think is art :)
A bag I got from my boyfriend when he came back from Rome, I also have an original can :)

A painting I made when I was about 12 years old :)

A painting I made not long ago, it was supposed to give it to a friend as a present but I like to keep it :)

A 'nanna' I got for my birthday from very good friends of mine 

A part of my festival and party bracelets hanging above my desk to keep me motivated when I'm studying!

The 'nanna' hanging in the air.
2 paintings we 'faked' from Keith Haring, I painted them a few years ago, but still love them because they're really colourful :)

A scale I bought in a lovely shop which is sadly closed right now! 
Not one of my best messages, I know but I HAVE TO STUDY :(