woensdag 23 maart 2016

mad world

you probably heard about the attacks in Brussels Airport and a subway station - it's all over the news.
i am very shocked about what happened in our capital. this morning i felt so strange on the train, everyone was very quiet and there were barely any people at the train station. the daily newspaper was full with tough facts about what happened and i felt like crap because the world is a mess.
i'm happy that i don't know anyone who's involved in the attacks but i know several people who were around. this attackleaves me speechless. i feel terrible for the people who didn't survive the attack and think about their families and friends. we have to support each other in times like these.
love always wins, i hope.

- N.

zaterdag 19 maart 2016

celebrate the little things!

well hello. on Thursday i stayed at home because i had an important presentation at school - which went fine - and in the afternoon i finally got the opportunity to enjoy the weather in Belgium. it was the first sunny day of the week (and i guess also the last haha) and i enjoyed the sun while reading some books on the terrace. 

last week, i bought myself this waterbottle from Dopper which is a Dutch design and it's very useful! i'm happy with it, the size is just right and i love the colour. i'll be watching a live comic show tonight with my boyfriend and we'll go for some secondhand shopping in the afternoon. 

happy weekend!

donderdag 17 maart 2016

important day!

hi guys! important day today: i'll be presenting the subject for my thesis at school at 11 am and i'm already practicing since 8 am this morning! i hope they'll like the idea as well as i do but we'll see about that.

the good news is that i have a free afternoon, the sun in Belgium will come out so that's also a boost for me. so no internship today, but chilling in our backyard and go shopping :)

have a good one!


vrijdag 11 maart 2016

the end of the week!

Weekend, yes indeed! I kinda celebrated this by going to a store in the city nearby where they sell all kinds of food (healthy stuff like granola) without any package. The food is stored in plastic cans and you have to 'tap' the food into a mason jar or weck pot. We brought our own jars and took lots of delicious things home! Unfortunately i don't have any pictures, but here's my ultimate Friday song in return: 

The Drums - Let's go Surfing

enjoy this lovely track!! I'll be working for school tomorrow and going on a dinnerdate with my lovely boyfriend after i did a quick visit to my best friend, she has some health issues and i want to see her to give her some support (also a long time ago that i saw her, so it's a good combo). On Sunday i'll be 'working' as well, Sunday will probably be the sunniest day of the week - i'll attend an information day in Bruges for my internship. The people who signed up for this event will have the opportunity to visit some presentations of different countries, i'll be checking the one of Jordan probably :D

have a lovely weekend - i'll do the same thing!!

+ almost 6000 pageviews, hooray!

xoxo N.

zondag 6 maart 2016

we're on a boat - teambuilding

Hi there! Last week, i went with the whole team (where i do my internship) to Rotterdam. We went on a teambuilding and were invited on the SS Rotterdam. A huuuuuge but yet very beautiful ship in the centre of Rotterdam! I loved to visit the city as well, but the teambuilding was priority of course. The activities were fun & it was also nice to meet lots of colleagues.
These are some pictures i took while being on the boat, unfortunately i don't have pictures from the inside of the boat, which was amazing as well!!

i wish you all a lovely day!
- N.