zaterdag 25 februari 2017

a weekend in The Netherlands - Maastricht part two

 breakfast in hotel Matuchi

 walking next to the river

 deep thoughts


 delicious tomato soup & cheese toast for lunch in 'Van De Kaart'


It was a nice weekend, we had lots of fun but we were super tired from getting up early all week to go to work and walking the entire weekend, but we enjoyed the quality time though ;)

Have a lovely weekend!

xo N.

dinsdag 21 februari 2017

a weekend in The Netherlands - Maastricht part one

Last weekend, we went to Maastricht to celebrate our anniversary (7 years of being together). We had some delicious food, i bought biological soap and yummy chocolates and we walked a lot in the sun. 

Lunch @ de Brandweerkantine, i had a toast with cheese and some soup (down) and up you can see a falafel toast, yummyyyy

i had to laugh with these birds :)
part two is coming soon!


zaterdag 18 februari 2017

Valentine's day be like

on Valentine's day, my boyfriend arrived and stayed for an hour or two and he gave me these flowers, my favourite ♥


donderdag 9 februari 2017

Brussels - holiday fair

Last Sunday, my friend and I went to Brussels by train to visit the holiday fair. It's a yearly event and a lot of touroperators and travel agencies are represented. It's a nice but very busy fair but i'm happy that we visited it! 

As i said, not so many blogposts as i expected due to the fact that i'm working but i'll do my very best ;)

xoxo N.

zaterdag 4 februari 2017

we went for a walk - freezing

A while ago on a Sunday, we were thinking about going for a walk but decided to ride our bikes instead so we rode via the river and went for a small walk in a nature park where i went so many times as a kid. I had my camera with me and after getting to know all the options, i'm kind of experimenting so this was a good time. I especially love the frozen leaves, we're now in between seasons and the result looks good - i think.



Have a lovely weekend!

- N.