zaterdag 2 april 2016

w e e k e n d

It's already Saturday and time really went fast this week! On Wednesday i had drinks with a friend, which we'll redo next week since we ran into some old schoolmates and i didn't really get the chance to talk to her 'in private'. I worked out twice this week - as usual - and was also busy for my internship! Last night, my boyfriend and i had some drinks with other friends and we had lots of fun! Today is a beautiful and sunny day here in Belgium but i won't get the chance to enjoy the sunshine since i have to work, and that means leaving the house at noon. It's fun that it won't be dark when i drive home tonight, so that's a good thing. 
Tomorrow means lunch at my boyfriend's place and working for my thesis in the afternoon. The weekend will be gone before i know it! 
But hey, have a good one! 

By the way, this is an old picture from me in Gran Canaria in our hotel, i still love it :)

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