vrijdag 11 maart 2016

the end of the week!

Weekend, yes indeed! I kinda celebrated this by going to a store in the city nearby where they sell all kinds of food (healthy stuff like granola) without any package. The food is stored in plastic cans and you have to 'tap' the food into a mason jar or weck pot. We brought our own jars and took lots of delicious things home! Unfortunately i don't have any pictures, but here's my ultimate Friday song in return: 

The Drums - Let's go Surfing

enjoy this lovely track!! I'll be working for school tomorrow and going on a dinnerdate with my lovely boyfriend after i did a quick visit to my best friend, she has some health issues and i want to see her to give her some support (also a long time ago that i saw her, so it's a good combo). On Sunday i'll be 'working' as well, Sunday will probably be the sunniest day of the week - i'll attend an information day in Bruges for my internship. The people who signed up for this event will have the opportunity to visit some presentations of different countries, i'll be checking the one of Jordan probably :D

have a lovely weekend - i'll do the same thing!!

+ almost 6000 pageviews, hooray!

xoxo N.

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