zaterdag 20 augustus 2016

flashback - days at Korando

Exactly one month ago was my first day i spent at home since i came home from Kisumu. How i miss those days at Korando where we had lots of fun with the kids and did a lot of activities with them! We entertained them most of the time, fixed and made some things and gave lessons of Physical Education and Creative Arts. Can i go back now, please?

we brought basketballs and ropes, but also frisbees and markers 
 climbing the rocks with some of the kids

 creative arts
 delicious lunch with chapati - yummy
 posing with mama and the beautiful aprons

 labeling so the kids won't throw any plastic in the toilet

view from the roof, where we spent a lot of time reading, talking and chilling <3 
 welcome ceremony

 welcome ceremony - we bought books for the kids with the money we raised
 reading and writing on the roof
 eating ugali in the kitchen every Thursday with mama and the kids
 organising a bonfire and also two movie nights

 playing Jungle Speed
 playing 'in between two fires'
 making bracelets

 creative arts

fixing a second basket ball goal 
 getting a soda after 'work'
looking back on this trip i can really say that it has been an adventure of a lifetime and i already miss it a lot. time of my life!!

enjoy your weekend! xoxo Noesjn

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