zaterdag 27 februari 2016

Rotterdam - 2nd & final day

delicious breakfast @ the hotel!
our hotel
N from NausikaƤ!

bookstore Bosch&de Jong @ Fenix Food Factory - Veerlaan in Rotterdam
bought The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho & Alles voor Elkaar by Willem Verdonschot

lovely store with some awesome posters!

lunch @ Picknick where they had delicious tea and cookies for only €1

famous architecture by Piet Blom
spotted this cat in one of the houses - crazy to imagine that people really live in those buildings AND have a cat in there!

that's all folks. i hope to get back there very soon! i really love the city and there are still lots of spots to visit! 
i also bought a bar Tony's Chocolonely - a brand that wants to make the chocolate industry free from slavery and they sell chocolate in Belgium and The Netherlands as well, but you can only find the special editions e.g. coffee crunch in The Netherlands - so that's already one reason to go back ;)

enjoy your weekend! xoxo

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