vrijdag 12 februari 2016

delays and happiness on Friday

good evening! since i have to go to Ghent everyday for my internship, i travel by train. when i wanted to take the train home at 5 pm, the screens in the station told me that the train to get home was cancelled + also lots of delays for other trains.
anyways, i got home, but later than planned! the happiness in the title refers to the fact that i bought a book last week in Rotterdam (pictures coming soon) and i'm already halfway because i have time to read now. i'll be eating a fresh pizza in a few minutes with lots of vegetables and i'll have drinks later this evening with a dear friend that i haven't seen since a while. it's important to be happy with the small things. enjoy this song - i caught myself singing it while taking a shower after my work-out yesterday.

five years time by Noah & The Whale

enjoy your weekend!

xo N.

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