maandag 16 februari 2015

Porto - final part

breakfast @ Grande Hotel do Porto
desert @ Restaurante Ora Viva
vegetables @ Restaurante Ora Viva
ceiling of Restaurante Ora Viva
entry of the Grande Hotel do Porto
taking a break after a long walk, near the Pont Luis I. Pancakes with nutella combined with a latte macchiato - oh what a day

always spotting a smiley for my friend at home, she loves smileys :)

igreja de sao francisco (san francisco church), a must-do, soooo beautiful on the inside! a pity we weren't allowed to take any pictures

sé cathedral

breakfast @ our hotel

lunch @ a teahouse next to our hotel. You can order a lot of cakes and pies, but also have lunch or dinner. we first had a soup and afterwords, i choose the salad. Yep, lunch for €7 is possible!

dinner @ Wok to walk upstairs in the shopping center in Santa Catarina

oh i loved this city! We had a blast, walked a lot, had some delicious food (because we think that's also important when you travel) and had lots of fun :)

happy Monday!
xoxo Noesjn

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