zaterdag 23 maart 2013


 HI THERE! Another message, my fourth one already & I must admit that I'm really looking forward to write blogs, I like it ! :) This blog is about nothing, actually. Just random pictures I took with my camera.
Life is a journey!
This is a lovely wine my parents were drinking one evening, I like the sun!

 A random rabbit at the property of my parents.
A rose I got from my boyfriend.

 Two pigeons having fun.
A random duck sitting in our garden.

 Pictures of my neighbourhood.
 This is me, at the coast (see first blog), a crazy picture, actually.

A camel my dad found.

The most amazing cat you've ever seen.

The sun was shining on the window of my neighbours.

Life looks better in winter, but feels better in summer!

Again, the rabbit.

My lovely boyfriend :)

A feather I found.

A ladybug, chasing around on our windows.

A drop of soda on a straw.

 A pigeon who's trying to sleep.

A duck in our garden.

Last but not least, this random picture.
Hope you like them!

An intermezzo
Recently, I experienced some things that made me happy, such as...
♫getting a bracelet from your boyfriend ♫ taking a good picture with your camera ♫ the triple cd-box from Bob Marley for only €8.99 ♫ flowers in your hair ♫ farfalle pasta ♫ reading your final book for an assignment ♫buying tickets for festivals ♫ old music from The Beatles ♫ discovering new music bands like The Mowgli's ♫ discovering new, awesome blogs that you really like ♫ knowing that you are going on a trip with school to Spain, really soon! ♫
Lots of love 

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