zondag 10 maart 2013

What a colourful world

Hi there! Another blog, with this time the subject: 'what a colourful world'. I'm a person who really likes colours in everyday life. My room is filled with colours & that's how it should be!
The first picture is a scarf I got from my mom, I absolutely adore it, ofcourse because of the colours & it's a warm one when you're freezing.

I'm working on Wednesday afternoons to earn some money to go to festivals etc. I bought this for my parents as a 'surprise', they were happy with it :)

Another KOKOPELLI guy, I must admit that I fancy the symbol!

The best candy you ever ate.

The flowers aren't real as you can see, I found them when I was cleaning my room, it was a gift from my grandmother. I think I'm going to make something beautiful out of these flowers :)

The bowl is from an Indian/African shop, the prints are beautiful & I couldn't resist it!
Carnival is an event I go to every year, the balloons were from the Chiro as a surprise, they won the competition & they should be proud of it, their costumes were pretty amazing !

A tshirt I customised myself, I'm satisfied with the result but when I washed it, the white spots became a bit orange :(

The last photo is a tiny closet I bought in Gran Canaria, it's adorable, but I have no clue what I should put in it, so all my plants (like a cactus) are in front of it.

+ a song: Noah & The Whale - 5 years time :)

See you :)

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