zaterdag 21 december 2013


Since I am studying to become a tourism and leisuremanager, I have to know the unique selling points and touristic information about some countries/cities/continents.
To help me remember the information, I will make posts about the destinations so you can see what's important to visit when you go to that specific destination. Just so you know: these are not my pictures, I used Google Images ;)

#1: Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand
- Queensland: Great Barrier Reef and Magnetic Island National Park

- Alice Springs: Ayer's Rock and King's Canyon

- Sydney: Opera House, Sydney Bridge, Bondi Beach, Hunter Valley and Blue Mountains National Parc with the Three Sisters

- Canberra: capital of Australia, Parliament, Australian National Gallery, Blue Mountain tower, botanic gardens (Canberra National Gardens)

- Melbourne: Great Ocean Road

- South Australia: festival centre, Adelaide, Barosso Valley

- Western Australia: Perth, swan River and Wave Rock

- extra: Kakadu National Parc                                                                                                                 
aboriginals + their quote: no worries, mate

New Zealand
capital: Wellington with national museum, national art gallery, botanic garden and zoo, South Alps, Auckland, Maori
- Southern New Zealand: Queenstown, Mount Cook

- Northern New Zealand: Mount Egmont, Kauritree

- extra: Waitomo caves

I hope you liked it :)

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