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Egypt is the destination which I am studying right now.

- Northern Egypt:
Caïro: 6th of October bridge, Mohammed Ali mosque, mosque of Sultan Hassan (=Madrassa), Ib Tulun mosque, university Al Azhar, piramides of Gizeh, Tahrir square, Citadel, Egyptian museum and Coptic museum.
6th of October bridge

Mohammed Ali mosque

Ib Tulun mosque

Al Azhar university
piramides of Gizeh

Tahrir square
Egyptian museum

Coptic museum
mastaba's - flat pyramids

Ramses II

El Fayoum Oasis

Djoser pyramid

Port Saïd:

Alexandria: Pompey's Pillar,the catacombs and the Greek-Roman Museum
Pompey's pillar


Greek-Roman museum

Southern Egypt: Temple of Karnak, Luxor Temple, Luxor Museum, Colossi of Memnon, Valley of the Queens with temple of Hatchepsout

temple of Karnak
 luxor museum
 Colossi of Memnon
 temple of Luxor
temple of Hatchepsout

things you can see or visit when you do a cruise on the Nile: temple of Kom Obo, mausoleum of Aga Khan, temple of Chnoem and temple of Horus but you can also visit three islands: elephantine island, kitchener island and philae island where the temple of Isis is. 
 temple of Kom Obo
 mausoleum of Aga Khan
temple of Chnoem
temple of Horus
next one coming up: Spain!
have a really nice day!

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