zaterdag 8 oktober 2016

Jordan - part two

So here's the next part filled with pictures from my trip to Jordan! It's hard to imagine that I was still in Aqaba two weeks ago, and now I'm in Belgium where it's cold and I'm looking for the next adventure! 

Dana Nature Park

Al-Shawbak Castle

some casual camels along the road


In the Siq

That magical moment when you finally see the treasury after a while - breath taking

After a long climb, we reached the monastery 

haha, love this sign

next part is coming soon, I still have to select lots of pictures and it's a busy weekend so I guess you'll be able to see more next week :) 

Have a lovely weekend! I'll be working today but I'm having a cold so that's not so nice :/ 
tomorrow is lunchtime with my boyfriend and my brother and sister-in-law and their kid and also some chilltime! We'd like to go for a walk, but we'll see what the day will bring.

xo N.

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