vrijdag 14 oktober 2016

Budapest - part one

In September, my friend and I went to Budapest by bus. Yes, by bus. Never again. The longest busride of my life - 22 hours! There was no other option because my friend can't fly because of her health and the train to Budapest was too expensive so we went by bus, what an adventure! But still, never again by bus. The weather in Budapest was lovely though and the prices were so low! We ate so much for so little money and the city itself is beautiful! I really recommend going there, but if you take the metro, make sure you validate your ticket (if you don't, you get fined, bad start :( )

Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!
I'll be attending an event concerning interior which sounds very interesting and will also be working for school. On Monday I have to go to work and Tuesday I have an appointment for a school assignment!

xo N.

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