dinsdag 7 juni 2016

h o l i d a y

time really flies! already two weeks ago since i handed in my thesis and saw my friends from school. i'm kind of arranging some things for my trip to Kenya and i already want to start packing (more than two weeks before departure haha). this Saturday we're having a party to raise some money for the project we will be volunteering for. i have a day off today so that means not working. i'll be reading in my new book 'girl on the train' by Paula Hawkins and i love it already. i also have to clean my room which is not so much fun :)
Tomorrow's the birthday of one of my best friends so i'll be visiting her, but also working and shopping for our party on Saturday. i'll enjoy the sunshine and the heat in Belgium because it's not very common here ;)

enjoy this song - holiday by vampire weekend
x'es and o's


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