vrijdag 17 juni 2016

so, what's going on?

Good morning!

this week hasn't been very spectacular, but today we're celebrating that it's Friday and that i'm leaving in a week for my big adventure! On Monday, i had to go to school to present my internship to other students - i didn't do a great job at all because i didn't really prepare myself and suddenly got nervous. anyways, after that i went back home to chill and read the book i adore 'Girl On The Train' by Paula Hawkins. In 10 days i finished it! It's only when you read the last 50 pages that you know who did what! I finished it while sitting in the sofa with a glass of white wine, lovely. 
Tuesday wasn't very spectacular. i went to school to show my next presentation about my thesis to my mentor and she gave me lots of useful feedback! so in the afternoon, i constantly worked on the presentation and the text. Wednesday i worked out in the early morning and had to work in the afternoon, i can tell you that i didn't feel my feet anymore when i got home but i still had to vacuum the living room so that's that. 

Yesterday i didn't do much, well actually i did. i bought a lock to secure my belongings while traveling, a small investment ;) i also prepared my presentation, like practising and stuff and preparing the questions that the judges might ask. i'll continue on doing that later on this day. i also chilled with our cat outside and had a lovely time with my boyfriend!

 you've got to treat yourself sometimes with a piece of apple cake and lots of tea :)
in the afternoon i'll be having some pie at a lovely place with my travel partner & good friend :) going to see Alice through the Looking Glass in the theatre tonight!! Excited!!
i'll be working again on Saturday and Sunday is for preparing my presentation and some more but i'm not sure yet ;)

have a lovely weekend!

xo N.

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